About Blueprint

BLUEPRINT Human Consulting was designed to provide innovative and comprehensive solutions in Psychology; both in the fields of Clinical Psychology & Psychotherapy and in Training and Talent Development.


Blueprint Human Consulting’s mission is to empower people by providing professional advice and tools to enhance their talents and abilities in order to achieve their personal, professional and organizational goals.


To improve the lives of people and organizations, supporting them to achieve their goals by efficiently adapting to rapidly changing global paradigms.



• Self-knowledge:
Deep knowledge of human relationships on a personal, couple, family and organizational level.

• Innovation:
Create innovative solutions in order to adapt to new challenges.

Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy


In order to achieve your emotional well-being, we work through self-knowledge and creation of conditions to generate positive changes in your life.

• We provide our clients with innovative solutions that impact the quality of human relationships.

• We design and deliver conferences and workshops to improve human relationships in different areas: Couples, family, school and organizations.

Transformation through knowledge



• We provide our clients with innovative solutions that impact the quality of human relationships.

• We design and deliver conferences and workshops to improve human relationships in different areas: Couples, family, school and organizations.

Organizational Development and Change Consulting

Integral Services

  • Design and alignment of mission, vision, values, code of ethics, and business employee handbooks.
  • Defining and promoting organizational culture.
  • Performance management system using an Appreciative Inquiry approach.
  • Reengineering private companies and government agencies with the support of legal experts.
  • Development of adequate corporate governance practices (e.g. Board of Directors).
  • Family protocols.
  • Prevention and settlement of labor disputes.

Training and Talent Development

We provide personalized workshops based on the Appreciative Inquiry philosophy.
Some of the subjects are:

Appreciative Inquiry

Development process that is applicable to any type of organization to renew and enhance their performance.

Building High Performance Teams

Experiential workshops with team building objectives focusing on their strengths to achieve their goals.

Emotional Intelligence

Developing strategies of emotional intelligence focused on personal and professional success.

Managing Bullying

Managing strategies for bullying (School) and mobbing (Office) situations.

Individual Coaching

Counseling for achieving personal and professional goals.

Effective Feedback Techniques

Tools for engaging in constructive feedback.

Assertive Communication

Different types of communication tools and managing communication problems.

Conflict Management

Enhance learning to address conflict with a positive outcome .


Skills for effective leadership.

Motivation and Team Management

Strategies for developing motivation among members of an organization.

Culture of Service

Factors for the successful development and implementation of a costumer service culture.

Parenting without Power Struggles

Learn how to transform power struggles into cooperation, harmony and a loving connection.

Comprehensive solutions in Psychology and Personalized Consulting Services.

Lorena Morales González


Lorena has been dedicated to the research of the human being. She founded BLUEPRINT Human Consulting with a vision to improve the lives of people and organizations.

She has extensive experience in private practice working on the resolution of life situations for individuals, couples and/ or families.

She worked at the Human Resources team of Deloitte Consulting in Mexico City, collaborating in induction process, training, and evaluation of staff.

She is a leader of Red PaPaz (www.redpapaz.org) at Colegio Inglés.

She has participated as speaker in different forums such as “Live Curious, Go Beyond” at American School Foundation of Monterrey, among others.

She is a Psychologist (Suma Cum Laude – UDEM) with a Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy (Universidad Anáhuac). She specialized in Couples Therapy (Instituto de Psicoterapia) and Thanatology (Instituto Elizabeth Kübler-Ross).

She has been an academic of psychology in several universities, designing and implementing student participation and community service programs. In addition, she has provided training sessions on personal growth in Monterrey and Mexico City.

As an organizational consultant, Auria Capital, Soriana, Grupo Tampico, Farmacias Dr. Montfort and VYNMSA are among her clients.

She, as a field and research based author, colaborates in Pequeñ@s Ciudadan@s (www.pequenosciudadanos.org) and BCM Woman magazine (www.revistabcm.com).



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